Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Roman in Rome

A few days back I had been to a fair(mela/jaatre) here in my home town. An incident there triggered me to think; what does ‘Be a Roman in Rome’ actually mean? Do we have to be like the people around us to get what we want? According to me among other things this adage is apt for adhering not just when you are in a different country or state. It is applicable in a multitude of scenarios, let me explain with two different scenarios,

--When you are standing in a Queue and a person just ignores it and goes ahead. Not just one a bunch of them will you just stand there ignore them and 'calmy' try and get what you have stood in line for? Or will you point out the existence of a Queue and when they don’t head will you give a piece of your mind in a language they understand?

--You have taken time out, arrived early to find an appropriate seat in the auditorium. Just around when the program starts some morons make the ground in front of you their standing ground. Will you just ignore them / abandon the program and head home? Or will you point out to them not to block your sight and if they don’t heed, will you tell them to F#$& off in a language they understand?

I am of the kind who would always choose the latter option. According to me there are zillions of people out there who can pulverize a small piece of us between their molars. Just by talking to a moron in a language he understands I will not lose my identity. There is no way I can let someone step on my toes, take a jab at my face and walk scot free. I will stand up and fight for what I want, it could be requesting for it in a polished polite manner, asking for it by changing my tone, using a language the other person understands, and if required using more than just mere words to get what I want.